The Renovation of the Barn

The Renovation of the Barn

From the a unique project

The idea of razing the original barn to start from scratch and build something new was mentioned, but quickly forgotten.

The objective of the project is to preserve and restore the ancient architectural heritage by adding a contemporary touch to make this barn an exceptional guest chalet!

It was therefore decided to retain the original volumes for the walls. Beyond that, it was necessary to imagine and create pleasant, bright spaces adapted to current desires and needs. Before seeing the light of day, La Grange des Eulets went through several phases; several projects were developed, finally resulting in this unique guest chalet, with generous proportions.

Dismantling the Barn


Assembly of the wood frame

A renovation concerned with the environment and your well-being

The interior of the Barn before the work

After a dismantling not without surprises, the time comes for reconstruction. Slabs, insulation, frames, partitions, networks, everything is refurbished. The old wood from the Grange was reused to create furniture and cladding. Old stone was used for the foundations of the walls and the exterior walls. Reuse is at the heart of the project!

Concerned about its environment, La Grange des Eulets is equipped with an efficient heat pump system to power a hydraulic underfloor heating system which will be supplemented by the central fireplace in the living room.

The exterior facilities allow you to enjoy sunny terraces, garden furniture in the shade of fruit trees and finally the Nordic bath coming directly from Sweden, positioned on the panoramic terrace of the chalet!